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Grant Application Requirements


Should your organization(s) be asked to submit an application, the following is the format. 

All parts of the application must be included, and it must be submitted before ---- on ----. No exceptions for incomplete or late applications will be made. 

Please be advised that the Foundation gives priority to collaborative requests.

NOTICE:  The Brownsville Community Foundation is governed by the laws of the Internal Revenue Service.  We are not allowed to give grants to organizations who do not have a 501 charity status that is in good standing.  Please do not continue this application process if you do not qualify to receive our funds. We are obligated by law to verify and document the grantee's charitable status.

If you can document that you are an organization that is eligible to receive grants from the Brownsville Community Foundation, please provide 3 copies of the information requested below in 5 pages or less.  Number each section and provide your responses in the order presented here:




*Project Name.


*Project Description: Include a summary of the critical community challenge(s) the project will address.


*List or narrative: How the Brownsville Community Foundation can help you address that challenge.


*Project Timeline.


*Evaluation: Objective measures which will demonstrate the project outcome.


*Project Budget:  State the total cost of the project and the amount requested from the Foundation for the project.


*List of all collaborative partners’ Board of Directors.


*Other Funding Sources: List any other funding requested for this project, identify the source and the status of those requests.



Please provide ONE COPY of these Attachments in the Following Order: (Exemptions for some requirements will be made for systems organizations such as schools). 




*Lead organization’s most recent IRS Form 990.


*Lead organization’s 501(c)(3) Determination Letter.


*Tax Exempt Status of all collaborative partners (any Tax-Exempt organizations must provide Form 990and IRS determination letter).



If your Application is approved, we will verify the following:

  1. Confirmation that organization does not appear on the Office of Foreign Assets Control list.
  2. Must be listed as eligible to accept tax deductible funds on IRS Business File or the IRS's EO Select Check at time of funding.
  3. Must be in good standing with the IRS.


Please submit 3 copies of your Grant Application to:  Brownsville Community Foundation, 550 E. Levee, Brownsville, TX  78520 

AND email your grant proposal to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  before ---- on ----