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News: Grants for Collective Impact

Grants for Collective Impact


Catalyzing New Collaborations between Non-profits


Brownsville Community Foundation announces the release of a new Grant Cycle to promote outcome goals of collaborative program plans.


BCF wants to build a strong collaborative framework for enabling the recipients of our grant funds to pool resources and expertise, creating synergies in cross-disciplinary programs to bring about collective impact.


With the announcement of BCF’s new interest in building a strong collaborative framework within the non-profits of our community, we will look most favourably on grant proposals written in collaboration by two or more non-profits or a non-profit and another agency/group such as a school, museum, hospital or other agency/group involved in activities covered by the Foundation’s areas of interest.


Collaborative grants support beneficial projects and programs that are undertaken by multiple non-profit organizations because the scope or complexity of the project will benefit from each organization’s particular expertise or provided services, and will enable more effective and efficient delivery of the program or services than individual organizations working alone or separately.

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